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Hallam Park Proposed Phase 3

The splash pad was selected for numerous reason. Play Value Planning

Aquatic play may feel spontaneous, but it actually requires lots

of planning. We design every play experience to keep families

engaged, boost dwell times, and increase return visits.

To build lasting memories among moms, dads, and little

ones of all abilities, we carefully consider how to integrate

products that cater to everything from the location’s footprint

and capacity to its demographics and theming objectives.

The splash pad offers the following benefits. Sensory & develops multiple sense experience, Spray encourages teamwork & competitions, Tactile promotes discovery of water textures, Iconic features interactive fun & serves as a social gathering place, Circuit encourages physical development, Flow develops discovery & learning, Kinetic features interactive fun& encourages movement and last Misty cloud-like experience gives refreshing thrills

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