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HCC Applied for AARP Grant for Fitness Phase of Park

The central public park in the village of Hallam, Nebraska has not been renovated since before a devastating 2004 tornado. Not only did that tornado damage the park, but the remaining amenities are inaccessible and deteriorated. Hallam Community Connection is now working to implement a multi-phase renovation project to serve the recreational needs of the village. These measures will improve livability in our community and encourage healthier active lifestyles.

Our present project—and that for which we are applying to the AARP—is to install a new adult outdoor exercise circuit in our park. This facility will feature a wide variety of exercise options ranging from strength training through cardiovascular activity and flexibility. It will be free to access and surfaced in an accessible surfacing, allowing use by visitors of all abilities and ages. We anticipate that this project will have particular importance for the over-50 residents of Hallam, who lack barrier-free socialization and recreation opportunities in the community and will benefit from a free recreation facility.

Our current design for the space includes a variety of equipment to target different abilities and interests, with options for strength training, limb mobility, agility, balance, and much more. This equipment is complemented by an instructional sign which suggests exercise routines and techniques to try. We are surfacing the entirety of this facility in engineered wood fiber, which will ensure fall protection while still allowing access to the space by those using mobility aids. The surfacing and equipment were also selected for their durability, meaning that they will stay in frequent usage for decades to come. The completed fitness facility will be open for public use every day, year-round, with no admission fees.

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