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Proposed Phase One of the Park

Good Day everyone, HCC has been very busy with applying for grants and organizing fund raising. Our proposed project, aimed at addressing the pressing need for engaging, accessible infrastructure, is expected to bring about a transformative change to our Village.

Expected outcomes

Hallam is known as “The Little Town with a Big Heart,” and the Hallam Community Connection (HCC) exists as an extension of this. HCC is a small community committee with a big heart that wants to connect the residents that live within and around Hallam to one another, to our businesses, and to other community committees. Our goal is to give individuals an opportunity to get involved and make a difference, not just in and for Hallam, but for the wider Nebraska community—and beyond! Together, we can make a difference and will be the difference.

Infrastructure projects like this new playground play a significant role in improving our community's social and recreational fabric. Once completed, this new play space will offer community children a safe and versatile space to forge social connections, improve physical wellness, and foster better mental health. We expect these benefits to impact generations of Hallam residents and visitors. This safe and public recreational infrastructure will go a very long way toward removing obstacles to recreation, while restoring Hallam to a thriving, happy community after all the challenges of the last 20 years. We have been actively engaging all stakeholders in this process, from residents, to the Village Council, to local business, and outside visitors. We have a website, blog, and social media presence; the community support for this initiative is inspiring. Neighboring communities participate in our fundraising efforts like our recent Shoe Drive and Paint-n-Pour nights. This project is so much more than just a playground; its about fostering community spirit and improving our town’s sustainability and wellbeing.

To gauge project success, we will be looking for: a) the playground in daily use by residents of Hallam; b) more diverse range of demographics benefitting, with a particular focus on children of diverse abilities; and c) favorable written and verbal appraisals of the space from Hallam residents and visitors. If desired, our organization would be happy to report our findings to your organization after several months of playground development.

Partnerships and Permitting

Throughout the planning process, ongoing communication with our Village Council has been crucial. These discussions have resulted in the establishment of a park maintenance team that will assume responsibility for the upkeep of the new facilities. In this process, we have also obtained all necessary permissions and permits required to begin development in Hallam Community Park.

To ensure prompt and efficient construction upon receipt of funds, we have selected a reputable playground supplier, Commercial Recreation Specialists. They have assisted with playground design and will also be the group responsible for the installation of the new structure, guaranteeing that the project is executed efficiently and to the highest standards.

Having secured a design and quote for our new playground, our project is “shovel ready,” awaiting only the necessary funds. While we are diligently working to raise funds, we unfortunately cannot fund this project entirely on our own. Consequently, we have been actively reaching out to potential financial partners for support.

By investing in this critical project, we are helping ensure that the residents of Hallam have access to important recreational spaces to support their well-being and happiness. We thank you for considering our project that will contribute to the rejuvenation of our community and create a long-term, thriving recreational environment for all to enjoy.

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